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I recently wrote an article about elevation in Android, showing how you can hack around framework restrictions to obtain elevation shadows that are different than what the Material Design guidelines mandate.

Since then, there’s been a few interesting developments on the topic, and this follow-up article will cover them. …

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tl;dr property syntax is great but you should avoid properties hiding expensive operations in their custom getter/setter as it can be misleading for those using the API from outside. Prefer functions instead in those cases.

Unlike Java, Kotlin has first-class properties. In Kotlin, a property can be read-only — or…

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Welcome to a series of posts covering various aspects of Kotlin programming for Android developers, from patterns spotted in various codebases to various gotchas and protips. We’ll try to understand if these patterns are good, when they work and when there are better alternatives.

As with all things programming, obviously…

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